Stützengrün Primary School

Headteacher Lutz Rößel
Schulstraße 43
08328 Stützengrün

Telephone: 0049 37462 3765
Fax: 0049 37462 29622

Further details and contact information:

"SpieleSpaß" Breakfast and After-school Centre

Manager Ms Motrunitsch
Schulstraße 43
08328 Stützengrün

Telephone: 0049 37462 29623
Fax: 0049 37462 282398
Email: hort.grundschule(at)

Our centre sits amidst beautiful woodland scenery at the foot of the Kuhberg mountain, close to the border with the Vogtland region and Saxony's largest drinking water reservoir in the southern-most tip of the Ore Mountains district. The centre's catchment area covers the municipalities of Schönheide and Stützengrün, including the Hundshübel and Lichtenau districts. The majority of our children get to us by public transport. They arrive at school on the bus and take it home again at lunchtime.

The centre was built in 2015 and is attached to Stützengrün Primary School. It has its own entrance from the car park and can also be reached via a connecting corridor from the school. All of our staff want to contribute to guiding the children through this stage of their lives. This is a safe environment where the children are free to have fun, play and relax; they can also get their homework done if they like. And as the centre is affiliated with the school, we can keep in contact with the teachers there, too.

Opening hours
during term time:
Mondays to Fridays from 06:00 until lessons start, and from the end of the school day until 16:30
in the holidays:
Mondays to Fridays from 07:00 to 15:30

The centre currently has space for 195 children, who are divided into 8 tutor groups. Each group has its own dedicated teacher. However, during their time at the centre, the children can generally choose which room they want to be in and with which teacher they want to be with.

The centre has 7 themed rooms for the children (construction, experimentation, quiet, creative, exercise and theatre rooms, plus a cafeteria), where they can move around, be creative, build, experiment, relax, cook, bake and role play to their hearts' content. We also have the use of 2 of the school's classrooms in the afternoons. These generously proportioned rooms have large windows overlooking our natural surroundings.

Our team includes 9 state-registered nursery school teachers and our manager, Ms Motrunitsch. Of the teachers, 2 are also registered special needs teachers. A further 2 are qualified to train new staff and act as mentors for all trainees.

Our ethos
Our teachers want to provide the children with a friendly atmosphere and a loving, consistent environment during their time at the centre, in which they can:

  • Develop their independence
  • Have space for their own individual needs and interests
  • Have the opportunity to mix with children of different ages
  • Grow into confident, socially-conscious people
  • Accept religious differences
  • Get help with finishing their homework if they need it
  • Be helped and inspired to apply, deepen and consolidate the skills, abilities and knowledge they gain at school through play, art, crafts and more.