Glück auf, Stützengrün, Hundshübel and Lichtenau

We've been working hard behind the scenes here, and now it's finally time to unveil the results of our efforts: a brand new website for the Stützengrün community. We want to use it to expand the services we offer you and make it easier for you to get involved than ever before. We will still continue to deliver our monthly "Gemeindeanzeiger" magazine to your door, but the new website will provide you with additional up-to-the-minute information about our work in the municipal offices, the committees and the council, and make our relationship with you more transparent.

We also want to make sure that anyone, anywhere in the world can find out more about this wonderful area. And enable former residents who have moved away to keep in touch with what's going on here at home. We want the website to encourage people who haven't yet discovered Stützengrün, Hundshübel or Lichtenau to learn about us, come and visit our beautiful region and maybe even spend a few days here with us. There's so much waiting for everyone to discover.

And wherever you go, you're sure to be met with the old miner's greeting, "Glück auf". Although the industry may be all but gone these days, the phrase is still in common use around here, with locals and Zugeraaste ("incomers") - guests and visitors - alike. And it's not the only thing around here that has remained untouched for centuries - our landscapes are completely unspoilt too. Our lush mountain meadows, romantic forests and stunning views have seen the region called "one of the most beautiful spots in the Ore Mountains" time and again in the media and in holiday brochures.

Henry Ford is supposed to have said that "mediocrity is the worst enemy of prosperity". Which is why we want, and will continue, to improve this website in the weeks and months to come. And I would very much welcome your help. If you think we're missing any important information, or there's anything else you would like to see on the site, please email me or my colleagues at the Stützengrün town council. I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

My warmest regards, and "Glück auf"

Volkmar Viehweg